Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Reason for Awareness Month

I meant to make this post yesterday, but forgot.

Vasculitis Awareness Month is over for another year and I think my game went pretty well. I got lots of new visits to my blog and spoke about vasculitis to many different people!

One really amazing thing happened this month, as well. I had my Rituxan infusions and during the first one I gave my infusion nurse one of the cards I had written out as she asked me what I was doing the infusions for. When I told her that I had vasculitis she told me that she, also, had a type of vasculitis! It was one that I had never heard of before and she told me that for over a year her doctors had been treating it like it was an infection until someone figured it out!

Between patients she was checking out my blog and followed a link to the Vasculitis Foundation where she read the story of someone else whom had the same type of vasculitis she had!

Situations like that are the reason for Awareness Month! And I am so glad that she was able to read about someone else that was dealing with the same thing she was!