Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Awareness

I know, I know, I talk about awareness A LOT, but we always need more of it. Always.

For many awareness equals ribbons! Lots and lots of ribbons!

Vasculitis doesn't have it's own ribbon, unfortunately. Currently we are kind of borrowing the ribbon color for AIDS (it's AIDS awareness day, BTW) which causes some problems. For one thing, it make people assume you have AIDS for another, it can lessen the impact of the AIDS awareness ribbons. This isn't something we want, but we're kind of limited in color options.

AIDS had the first ribbon, it was red. The Susan G. Kolman foundation then latched onto this idea of ribbons and changed the color to pink for themselves (funny, they can take the ribbon idea from AIDS but when the Vasculitis Foundation wanted to use the word "cure" in their slogan Susan G. Kolman threatened to sue because it would "confuse people").

There are many different ways some of us are trying to raise awareness for ourselves. Weggies Unite suggests having a a pajama AI day. Check out the link, it is an awesome idea! Maybe if we can get a symbol for ourselves we can make actual autoimmune pajamas for people to buy and wear.

We tried the Chase Giving thing, but apparently there were issues with certain groups cheating and using robot voters. We're still trying, several people have started doing drives of their own, trying to raise awareness in their own ways. Friends can help too. They can read about vasculitis, they can talk to others about vasculitis, suggest it for school fundraisers, work fundraisers. Whatever. Every little drop in the bucket helps!


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  2. If you wanted too :) I will leave it up to you if you want to link anything!