Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Rare Disease Day!

Well, the day is finally here. Rare Disease Day.

I feel that I have done my part to get awareness out there. I made a video (I actually contemplated putting it up here, but then thought, "Who wants to see my ugly mug? Not me, that's for sure!"), I wrote my state representatives, I spammed people with my blog, I posted pictures, I gave a hands up to the Rare Disease page. Do you get the point? You should do some of this stuff too!

It was funny, though, I got a question asked of me today that was wondering why Rare Disease Day happens only once every four years. Doesn't that seem a little counter productive? How are we supposed to raise awareness if we only try every four years?

My response was: It's an annual event, but on leap year it's held on February 29th because that's a rare day.

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