Monday, May 14, 2012

Life and Such

I don't think I'd wish for anyone to ever have to go through the social security process. It's super stressful.

I have to go to a hearing in front of a judge to decide. I really need it for the medicare, in a few months I won't have any insurance and I really can't afford my doctors without insurance.

I thought about trying to go back to work with the kiddos, maybe I could get enough money to buy my own insurance, but that idea was vetoed. Instead, I think I am going to start up a photography business. I like taking pictures after all. I would mostly do candid photos of kids and pets, but wouldn't be opposed to doing event pictures too. This would at least help me get some income.

Think positive and outside the box. Usually you will come up with good ideas that way!

In more awareness news, I am trying to think of a t-shirt logo for the families and friends of people with vascultitis. There are shirts for the patients themselves to wear, but they don't necessarily work for the caretakers and supporters that don't have the disease but are effected by it anyway.

I've got to wrack my brains on this, any suggestions?

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