Wednesday, July 20, 2016

That Moment When....

You are able to return to the GP you were seeing back at the very beginning of your chronic illness journey because your insurance changed.

One of the least annoying things about having to change insurances in order to keep my rheumatologist was being able to return to the GP that I've seen since I was 5. I made an appointment with him so I could reestablish myself as a patient.

It was really good to see him and we talked a bit before he turned to his computer to check my medical records. As he was loading them up he goes, "Let's see what's been going on since you were here last...."

Cue the long list of procedures and tests and hospital visits and an astonished, "Oh" from the doctor.

Then we got to laughing about me having a pill splitter and pill case!

By the way, I've got a new pill case again. My big one wasn't holding up well, sadly. Now I've got one where each day is a separate box that is removable.

It's this one

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