Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brains, why for you no work not good no more?

Here I am, 90 some odd days out from applying for SSI and I haven't heard a word yet. I decide that I should call and see what's going on as they have between 90 and 100 days to decide.

After spending a few moments trying to remember where it was that I wrote down my case worker's number I finally called and it turns out that he was out for the day. "I'll just leave a message I tell myself." This would require me to leave my name, phone number, and social security number. I give my name, and my phone number, then came the apparently difficult part. "843-92-.... uh......" (obviously these aren't the real numbers to my social- I haven't progressed that far into dementia that I would do something silly like that, but I wouldn't put it beyond possibility that I might now decide that this is my number). Finally, I remembered the last four digits and hung up the phone.

Maybe this will help them decide better that I can't work? I mean, I struggle to remember a number I've written on every form for college, many, MANY recent medical paperworks and is the same number I've had since forever. Eh. Maybe once I'm off the prednisone my brain will come back.

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