Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrations, Little Birdies and a Football!

For my first post of the new year I've got excellent news! News that I meant to post a while back and just kept forgetting. I will blame my forgetfulness on the prednisone, because it is my go to scape goat for everything.

For starters the tweeting thing, yup, we totally won! The Vasculitis Foundation will be featured on Broadcause during the week of February 13th through the 19th! The link is to our page on Braodcause where you can find information and donate and what have you. I want to thank everyone that voted/tweeted (specifically all those people I cajoled, bribed, blackmailed, and threatened into it. Not really, I don't do those things.) In other twitter news, my twitter has not become an awareness platform, but a random soundbite platform for my random typings.

The other great news is that, for the first time in over a year, my bloodwork came back all in normal ranges! They are going to let me drop my prednisone to 5 mg a day if I am feeling okay in a few weeks! I am circling ever so closer to a period of quiet or remission or whatever terminology you wish to use. They don't know what I'm doing right, but they want me to stay my course. Which probably means I still can't go back to work for a while yet.

During my next visit in February they are going to decide if I need to continue coming back every month or if we can move out my appointments to longer increments!

I am also aware that some people might not like the Denver Broncos, or Tim Tebow. I don't really follow football so I couldn't tell you anything about the guy. I only bring him up because, as part of the Make a Wish Foundation he spent some time before one of his games with a young 16 year old girl who suffers from Wegener's like I do. She has been diagnosed for several years and has undergone over 70 surgeries. She has had one lung removed and exhibits the "saddle nose" deformity common in the disease. She is still a beautiful girl, though, and no matter how much she has gone through the pictures of her with her family as she is meeting Tim Tebow show a girl full of life and ready to face the challenges she has been given. I can only hope that I can face my future with as much grace as she appears to. 

The press tracking Tebow as he is a star have shed some light on Wegener's and the problems that patients can face.

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