Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back from the depths of somewhere

That title up there, I am not considering it a binding contract so if I disappear for a while again I made you no promises so don't even go there.

Can you believe that it's been over two years since I've had a name for the horrible monster lurking in my imaginary health closet for so long? Two years. In those two years I've laughed, I've cried, I've cried, I've sobbed, and I've been angered, but I blame all of that on the prednisone. I can't say that I've gotten used to my new life as a stay at home slouch who has watched most everything Netflix has to offer, but I can at least tolerate it. Hey, someone has to be able to answer all of those pop culture questions on Jeopardy.

All I can say to those people that are new to this journey is that, you have to keep living, and when people try to give you unsolicited health advice take it with a grain of salt, a shot of tequila, and move on with your life. If you're feeling feisty try and explain them a thing but they probably won't listen anyway.  


  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog somehow. I was googling and poof, there you were.
    I also am a newly diagnosed Weggie. It's been a year and a half, so not as long as yours. In fact, I was given the diagnosis and then it was taken away only to have another doc do better digging and come up with the actual definitive diagnosis.
    Sucks, don't it? It's nice to find others out there who understand because the people around me in my regular life sure don't get it. I am so tired of hearing "you look OK so you must not be sick". Ugh.
    ANyway, thought I would say hello! I write in blogger too.

  2. Hi! Good to know I come up on google searches! If you need others to talk to, advice, or just an ear there are some great support groups on facebook. If you search for a group called Vasculitis: more common than you think or the Vasculitis Foundation you can get tons of information about WGs from people that have it and other forms of vasculitis.