Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raising Awareness

After having to postpone my fundraiser yard sale due to being really sick I finally managed to get it completed. Sort of. Turns out, it was a very popular thing, so popular that I am holding it over for this Saturday too! I'm not sure exactly how much awareness was raised, not many people stopped to read the signs unfortunately, but I at least have over $300 to donate towards vasculitis research!

The timing of this was also kind of serendipitous as my fundraising events are currently coinciding with the birthday of Lauren Currie, a young girl who died last year of Wegener's Granulomatosis. She would have been 16 today if her doctors had been able to recognize the disease she was suffering from before it was too late.

While the Lauren Currie foundation is not a US charity, I would still like to spread the word about their organization. It was set up by Lauren's parents in the hopes of raising funds and awareness for vasculitis.

In honor of Lauren's birthday, most of us in the vasculitis community and our friends have chosen to display the foundation logo and spread the word about Lauren's story and the foundation.

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