Saturday, August 6, 2011

Creeping Up Behind

to attack you when you least expect it!

Except instead of Khan it says WEGNER'S and I would probably be shaking my fist.

I spend the entire week trying to take things easy so that I can be well rested for a date today, but no. Wegner's doesn't care about all my precautions, it doesn't care that I have plans, it doesn't even particularly care that it is really cramping my style. In fact, doing the opposite of these things is Wegner's goal I have come to believe.

I won't let it win. I am still going to go on my date (it's a get to know you date) even if my leg is all swollen and achy today, even if I feel gut punched, even, YES EVEN!, if I woke up with a nasty bloody nose this morning! Some of you might think it's silly of me, but I have really been looking forward to going out with this guy and I am going to do it.

Whether it kills me or not!

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