Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nobody Nose

One week from tomorrow I will be undergoing more sinus surgery. I'm a little disappointed that I have yet to see any super powers develop from the 3 CT scans I had last month.

I was hoping to at least be able to glow in the dark or something. Those comics have really mislead me on where super powers come from....

Anyway, the scans showed what I suspected. My sinuses are way messed up. One of them above my eye is completely full of tissue that they're going to have to go in and scrape out. On the plus side, this will hopefully solve some of the breathing issues I've been having.

I hope it's not a hard surgery, I know that my last one was pretty simple in terms of recovery time. Of course, that was back before I had been diagnosed so we'll see.

This is one that I made for awareness month that I didn't put out.
I'm going to keep on raising awareness in my own way and keep on helping out with my local chapter. When I see the memes I've made shared around it makes me happy! That's just what I wanted them to do; go out and spread so that other vascies can get a laugh and share something that will maybe get others to think about Vasculitis!

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