Saturday, June 13, 2015

Vasculitis Aesthetic

When you don't have to do smokey eye make-up because the dark circles around them have got that covered for you.

Your clothes become less of a fashion statement than a comfort statement.

You try to see if the phlebotomists have tape that at least sort of matches your outfit.

You have perfected the hospital bed selfie.

That lost look you have on your face when you've forgotten what it is that you were doing for the third time in a row.

Tired. Tired can be an aesthetic. You are unintentionally mimicking that super hot, just rolled out of bed and don't care look that's so popular with college students.... or maybe it's just that those college students are just as tired as you are.


This was just shared to me and I think everyone with vasculitis should see and read it. What we have is chronic. It will never go away. We have the right to be frustrated, stressed, worried, and to have our voices heard. We may bottle these emotions up, or we may end up taking them out on the nearest available target. But we are only human. I know many of us feel like we are just spinning our wheels when it comes to life after diagnosis, but it's not true. Every step you take when it comes to your disease, every doctor you visit, every specialist you educate paves the way and makes it easier for those who come behind you.

It's a hard, unfair, road to have to take, but you  are taking it and you are doing a good job! So keep going!

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